Present Are The Absent by Lieke Heil

Present Are The Absent is a documentary about the war between Russia and Ukraine. Three Ukrainian women flee their country and end up in a luxury hotel in Poland to find shelter. If you’re interested in more details about the documentary or the story you can take a look at the trailer or attend a […]

NEED by Jonnah Bron

Need is an arthouse film about intimacy, made by Jonnah Bron. If you’re interested in more details about the film or the story you can take a look on the official website. I was the mixing and mastering engineer for need. – Matt Flanc You can also find ‘need’ on the official website of IFFR. […]

Falling – Blue Rinkhals

Falling is a song about being brokenhearted. Sung by the beautiful voice of Denis Kalytovskyi and produced by Blue Rinkhals, this song is a masterpiece. I was mainly part of the production and specifically the mixing side of things.

To Paris, From Me – J.K. The Saint

“To Paris, From Me” is an EP by J.K. The Saint. I found it hard to classify the genre, but according to the artist it would best fit within Alternative Pop. More about J.K. can be found right here! I asked J.K. The Saint about his story behind the EP, and this was his response: […]

Crashing Clouds

After almost 2 years of not releasing music, I released a brand new single called “CRASHING CLOUDS”. And I didn’t hold back for this one! I created my very first official music video and you can watch it right here! The song First you should know that the song was inspired by a thunderstorm with […]

Dance D-Vision 2022

Probably my biggest project to date. Let me tell you all about it!I was asked to create a backing track for the CBS Orchestra. They were playing on the mainstage of DDV2022 in collaboration with USED. Sooo, what is a backing track? Since the orchestra was playing EDM (Electronic Dance Music) they were not able […]

Gone – My RØDE Reel 2021

Gone is a short film made for the My RØDE  Reel 2021 competition. The film was directed by Matthew Ooms & Jonas Rossie. Following earlier collaborations, Jonas asked me to write, compose, and produce music for their creation. I was responsible for all the music, and the final mix of all the audio. Matt Flanc […]


Kleurloos is a new short film by JR VISUALS. The film is about a girl that wants to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer. However, her mother doesn’t allow her to go study photography. Even though that is her dream. KLEURLOOS is an objection against the measures taken in Belgium (Flanders), to drastically reduce […]

July – 48H Film Contest

The 48H Film Project is a contest in which, as the name implies, you create a short film in 48 hours. Any preparation is ruled out since you only know the guidelines for your film the second the contest starts. The production of all the music was done by Loded and me. The script was […]

First Contact – Evenbeing

First Contact is the debut release of Evenbeing, and was released on The New Town Tudors. Working together with Evenbeing was an amazing experience, and it was an absolute honor to be part of his project. My job was to make sure that the incredible sounds of all the different elements blended together nicely. While […]

No Sleep – Matt Flanc

Even though “No Sleep” is my very first single, it’s still one of my favorite songs I’ve ever made. I wrote and produced the entire song before deciding that I didn’t like my vocals. So I asked a very talented friend of mine, JULØT to do the vocals. And I absolutely love how they turned […]