To Paris, From Me – J.K. The Saint

“To Paris, From Me” is an EP by J.K. The Saint. I found it hard to classify the genre, but according to the artist it would best fit within Alternative Pop. More about J.K. can be found right here!

I asked J.K. The Saint about his story behind the EP, and this was his response:

This EP was recorded during my minor in Spain. During the final weeks of my stay, I got in touch with a girl from Paris. We both liked each other, but still decided to not start a relationship. The feelings between us is what inspired me to make this EP. The first song is about how she appeared to be insecure. However after getting to know her better she just happened to be a little bit shy. I also sing about how I started to miss her. The second song is me fantasising about visiting her in Paris. The third and final song it’s more about not knowing what the future will bring. I don’t know what will or will not change. I believe that it’s always possible to find someone else, and therefor the song has an open ending.

J.K. The Saint about his EP, “To Paris, From Me”.

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