Hi friend! My name is Matt Flanc.
I’m an electronic music producer, mixing engineer, and DJ.


Want to work with me, or hire me for your next project? Choose one of the above for more info.

My mission is to make the music I never had, while helping you make the music you never could!

One of the most important things in music is having a great network. That’s why I have a Discord server for you to hang out and connect with other producers. Also, you’ll be the first to know when I release new music. And finally it’s a place where everyone can share cool stuff: new plugins, deals, music…

Another way I can help you is by providing you sounds that I made. Those consist of Serum presets, Ableton Devices, and samples. Everything you find there has been carefully crafted by me. And they are all sounds that I use myself in my projects. For me, that is the ultimate quality check!

Finally I make tutorials on my YouTube channel. The goal with these tutorials is to be the teacher I never had. Everything I come across that you should absolutely know, I’ll talk about. This ranges from Ableton tips & tricks, plugin reviews, and making music. You’ll also find my official releases there.