I’m a music producer, mixing engineer, and musician from Belgium.

Me as Matt Flanc.

As Matt Flanc I create my own music, produce, mix, and master tracks for others, and also teach music. I’m always looking for new sounds and ways to push boundaries. That’s why I’m now also working on my music in an immersive format. I have a 4.1.2 homestudio, and I also have access to an official Dolby Atmos studio for mixing.

The music I make is mostly electronic since I love messing around with synthesizers and creating new sounds. I combine this with my skills as a keyboard player, and my love for writing to add a unique touch to my music.

When asked to do so, I love mixing and/or producing music for other people.

Aside from making music I have a passion for helping other people. That’s why I create video’s on YouTube about production tips & tricks, sounddesign, and plugins.

Back in time.

Back in the summer of 2018 I started producing my own music in Ableton. I had a little bit of experience in Cubase and LMMS at the time, but not very much so. Since then, I’ve basically been producing music (and content) non-stop. I’m always looking to learn new things, while trying to gain experience and get in touch with other creatives (like you) at the same time.

I also play instruments! I have been playing the piano since I was 10. And I took drum lessons for 2 years. I also have an electric guitar which I mainly use as decoration (oops😅).

Before I move on to my education, I want to quickly recap what I do. I’m obsessed with making music, and I’ll always be looking for ways to improve my craft. Besides that I want to put my skills to use and help you make better music as well. I do that by helping out with productions, mixing, and providing my so called “sounds” on this website. They are a collection of (you might have guessed it) sounds, and more specifically Ableton Effect Racks, Serum Presets, and Sample Packs.

My education.

I took music theory classes for 9 years. The first four years being classical music, followed by five more years of pop-rock-jazz theory.

In my final 3 years of High School, I studied music. With piano and Ableton being my two main instruments.

For my first year in University, I pursued studies towards a Bachelor in Music Production and Composition at HKU.

However I switched things up in my second year and decided to go for a Bachelor in Pop & Rock Music at PXL Music Hasselt as a keys player. That’s what I’m currently studying.