If you don’t want to spend time mixing your songs, I can do it for you.
I can mix in Stereo, but also in Dolby Atmos & immersive all the way up to 9.1.6.

Dolby Atmos & Immersive Audio

I’m currently working on building my portfolio with Dolby Atmos and Immersive Audio mixes. Thanks to my uni I have access to a Dolby certified Atmos studio which features a 9.1.6 speaker configuration.

At the same time I’m building my very own Immersive Audio setup at home. This studio will feature a 5.1.2 setup.

If you’re interested in listening to my atmos mixes, or you have a song which you want mixed in Dolby Atmos, feel free to contact me!


When I mix your music I’ll make sure that everything sounds well balanced, while enhancing the dynamics that you’re going for. This can mean making your song blast through any speaker if that’s what it needs. But for calmer songs that might mean speaking directly to someones heart. Here’s how I will make sure that’s always the case:


I believe that it is essential to understand the story behind your music. That's why I like having a short meeting to talk about your vision. This is optional, but completely free. And if you don't feel comfortable with me mixing your songs, you can look for someone else.


No questions asked. Simple!


I'll always provide you with the best possible audio quality. I can deliver your mix in up to 32bit and 96kHz.


By default you’ll get 2 revisions, meaning:
1. “Your mix V1”
2. Revision one & Revision two


So “Your mix V3” will be the final version.


I’ve found that for most people working with me, this is enough. You can always get more revisions later. One additional revision starts from €25. Be clear with your notes to save yourself some money.


Since every mix is different, I prefer to work with a personal price. I recommend that you shoot me an e-mail and tell me about your project. Once I know what it is you're looking for, we can discuss a price that suits your project and budget.


My room has been acoustically treated to ensure I can mix accurately.

For monitoring I use:
– Adam Audio T7V
– Adam Audio T10S

– Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro


At the moment I don't have access to (analog) outboard gear, so if you're looking for that I unfortunately can not help you.


I use a collection of different pieces of software and plugins. My DAW of choice is Ableton Live 11 Suite.

  • All ableton stock plugins
  • Acustica Audio EQs
  • Fabfilter suite
  • Different compressors (Tube, FET, VCA, …)
  • Soundtoys
  • Kilohearts toolbox
  • Izotope RX

So you’ve checked my portfolio and you want me to mix your song? Or maybe you’re not quite sure yet…

Don’t worry, you can just send me a message and I’ll personally get back to you. You’re free to ask questions, explain your goals, or anything else. If you prefer to talk to me first you can simply ask for a short meeting and we’ll organize something! Completely free, no obligations. I want to make sure that if we work together, you’re 100% comfortable with it. So, what are you waiting for?