ft. spatial audio

This is my immersive homestudio featuring a 4.1.2 configuration. I plan to upgrade to a 7.1.2 as I go along.
More details about the configuration can be found below.

"Dolby Atmos" Homestudio

With building a spatial audio setup at home come many challenges. I’ve experienced that first hand. However this has thought me a lot about how this all works, and how you can do the same at your place. There’s two things that made this more difficult than it should be: 1. I tried to make this work on Windows, and 2. I don’t have an official Dolby configuration.

Nonetheless, the result is really good considering this is all DIY. Let me talk you through this.

The video below is a first look at the setup. I go over the basics of how I did this all on a budget.

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