Explosief – CBS ft. Gers Pardoel, Cleymans & Van Geel

This is a continuation of my collaboration with CBS Orchestra. In 2022 I produced backing tracks for their show at Dance D-Vision. This time they expanded their set to play a 2 hour long show in the Queen Elisabeth Hall in Antwerp together with guest performers Gers Pardoel, Cleymans & Van Geel, and surprise act Stan Van Samang.

My role in this was to produce backing tracks for the orchestra. These consist of sound effects, synthesizers, epic percussion sounds, etc. that support the orchestra in their playing. Alongside that I also was responsible for making sure that the orchestra could play along with the backing tracks of Gers Pardoel.

Read an article about this show, published in HLN.
For images I forward you to these album published on Facebook: Album 1, Album 2, Album 3.