Dance D-Vision 2022

Probably my biggest project to date. Let me tell you all about it!
I was asked to create a backing track for the CBS Orchestra. They were playing on the mainstage of DDV2022 in collaboration with USED.

Sooo, what is a backing track? Since the orchestra was playing EDM (Electronic Dance Music) they were not able to play all the elements live. For example: synthesized sounds and specific effects. And that’s where I come in. I (re)created dozens of synthesizer, bass sounds, effects… and put them all into an Ableton Live session that the orchestra could play along with. So sumarized, I created all the instruments and sounds that the orchestra couldn’t play live.

“I created all the instruments and sounds that the orchestra couldn’t play live.”

Matt Flanc

For the production nerds out there, let me summarize the Ableton session for you: 200+ tracks in the main project, and another 100+ tracks in the project that would eventually be used live. That accounts for two Ableton projects with a total of +/-330 audio tracks and groups.

This project required me to be able to (re)create almost any sound that the orchestra needed. But also to read sheet music so I didn’t add duplicate elements. As well as making sure my mix and master sounded professional enough to be played on festival speakers.

And finally to round it off, here’s one useful takeaway from doing this: Don’t make your bass too loud!
(those festival speakers cause an earthquake, trust me)

If you can’t see the full image on your phone, turn it sideways 🙂