Crashing Clouds

After almost 2 years of not releasing music, I released a brand new single called “CRASHING CLOUDS”. And I didn’t hold back for this one! I created my very first official music video and you can watch it right here!

Matt Flanc – Crashing Clouds (Official Music Video)

The song

First you should know that the song was inspired by a thunderstorm with lots of lightning strikes. I started by playing some chords and writing the vocals. Then I kept building from there. The song evolves into a fast paced neuro drum and bass song. All the sounds, singing, instruments… But also mixing and mastering were done by me.

The music video

With the video I wanted to represent the feeling of being in a storm, since that is what inspired the song.The feeling of being in a storm is what I wanted to represent in this video.

The clip was recorded at 3 unique locations: one for the performance shots, one for the cinematic shots, and one where we filmed “the storm”.

I am dressed in a white outfit to represent the calm before the storm. As the song gets more intense, so does the video. “The storm” becomes more active, and when the song reaches a climax they attack. And for that we used black paint. I am essentialy getting “infected” by the storm, until I manage to push them away.