Falling – Blue Rinkhals

Falling is a song about being brokenhearted. Sung by the beautiful voice of Denis Kalytovskyi and produced by Blue Rinkhals, this song is a masterpiece. I was mainly part of the production and specifically the mixing side of things.

Falling is a single by Blue Rinkhals and Denis Kalytovskyi. Denis is a young Ukrainian singer and songwriter, quarter finalist of The Voice of Ukraine 2011. Blue Rinkhals is a songwriter and producer, most known from his YouTube channel with over 1 Million subscribers.

Denis you might know from The Voice of Ukraine 11. Although he gained most of his popularity from starting a YouTube channel in 2017 on which he was uploading covers. Some of them going viral and gaining millions of views.

I got in contact with Blue Rinkhals on Instagram, where we started talking about music. From there we started talking about this project of his, and I offered him some help if needed. Not long after, I became a part of this. On this song, I worked a lot on helping with the mix and finalizing some of the elements of the Falling. Working with Blue Rinkhals was an absolute pleasure and I feel like we definitely managed to get the best out of this song.

In the end, Blue Rinkhals finalized the mix and master before release.

Falling by Blue Rinkhals ft. Denis Kalytovskyi (Official Lyric Video)