Give & Take by Netsky Synth Remake

This is a remake of the world famous lead used in Give & Take by Netsky. It’s a remake of the lead using xFer Serum. If you wish to recreate it yourself you can watch the tutorial below. Otherwise you can just download the sound right here!

Kids by MGMT synth remake

This is a remake of the main synth sounds in Kids by MGMT. Originally (in live performances) MGMT used a Prophet 12 for their sound. This is a part digital synthesizer, meaning that they were not stuck to using the simple basic shape waveforms. If you want to learn how I made it, here’s the […]

Why more tracks isn’t better

When I started out producing, I used to think that in order to produce better songs I needed more tracks. But that’s not entirely true. In this video I explain why more tracks isn’t better. Less is more? In the context of making music, the concept of less is more can be applied in a […]

Make better pads in Serum

I made 10 pads because I was struggling to find pads that I like. In this video I teach you how to make pads in Serum, based on my favorite preset that I made myself. You can find those presets right here!

Sidechaining Tutorial in Ableton

Did you know that there is a way to streamline sidechaining in Ableton? I had been doing this wrong for years, so here is how I do it now! What is sidechaining? Sidechaining, also known as ducking, is a common technique used in electronic music production. It involves using the signal from one track, called […]

Anomalie explains the Velours synth

A while ago, I got to talk to Anomalie. I was curious how he makes his sounds for his songs, so I asked him. He then explained to me how he made the lead synth of his song: “Velours“. Before that, we also talk about sound design. And in an upcoming episode we talked about […]

Blah Blah Blah bass remake

I remade the bass from Blah Blah Blah by Armin Van Buuren. I made some small adjustments to the sound after filming this video. You can download the latest version of this preset right here! What is “psytrance”? Psytrance originated in Goa, India, where trance parties were held on the beaches and featured a mix […]

How to make Tech House

In this tutorial you’ll learn what tech house is, and how to make it. I did a lot of research about this genre as well as a lot of active listening. And I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about how to make tech house. From what elements you need, to song […]

How to remake Light Switch by Charlie Puth

In this video I show you how to remake Light Switch by Charlie Puth. I did this using Ableton and Serum, but you can follow along in any DAW. Or if you prefer, you can download the presets right here!

Make EQ Eight dynamic

People pay a lot of money for dynamic EQ plugins, and there’s nothing wrong with that. If you often use a plugin like that it can absolutely be worth the investment. But for some of us that investment is not beneficial. With just a little workaround, you can actually make EQ Eight dynamic. In this […]

Keyboard Split in Ableton

How to make a keyboard split in Ableton Live Configuring a keyboard split in Ableton Live can all be done in the Instrument Rack. It’s that simple. But since I want to show you how to implement this in live playing, we need to switch some things up a bit. Leaving the Instrument Rack like […]

How to use Ableton for live performing

If you (want to) perform live, Ableton can really make things easy for you. In this tutorial you will learn how to use Ableton for live performing. This method allows for really easy switching between different instruments. – Matt Flanc 1. Setting up the MIDI Tracks We’re gonna start by setting up two MIDI tracks. […]

Daft Punk Vocoder in Ableton Live

One of the things Daft Punk is most famous for, is their vocoder sound. And since they announced their break up 2 months ago, I think this was the perfect opportunity to give you this preset.

A better way to fade-in drums (and other instruments)

In this tutorial I show you a better way to fade-in drums, but this also works for other sounds like basses. I use this all the time to create really natural and smooth sounding fade-ins and fade-outs by using a normal filter. I show this in Ableton Live 11, but this works in any DAW. […]

FIX Ableton video not working

If you ever use video files in Ableton, you might have had some issues with them. And you’re not alone! Many people are experiencing this, so here is one way to fix it.