Why more tracks isn’t better

When I started out producing, I used to think that in order to produce better songs I needed more tracks. But that’s not entirely true. In this video I explain why more tracks isn’t better.

Less is more?

In the context of making music, the concept of less is more can be applied in a number of ways. For example, a musician who is composing a song may choose to use a limited number of musical elements, such as a simple chord progression or a limited number of instruments, in order to create a sense of simplicity and focus. This can help to make the song more memorable and impactful, and can allow the listener to more easily connect with the music. Similarly, a musician who is performing live may choose to use minimal stage lighting or production elements in order to create a sense of intimacy and connection with the audience. In both cases, the idea of less is more can help the musician to create a more powerful and effective musical experience.

Give & Take by Netsky Synth Remake

This is a remake of the world famous lead used in Give & Take by Netsky. It’s a remake of the lead using xFer Serum. If you wish to recreate it yourself you can watch the tutorial below. Otherwise you can just download the sound right here!

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Kids by MGMT synth remake

This is a remake of the main synth sounds in Kids by MGMT. Originally (in live performances) MGMT used a Prophet 12 for their sound. This is a part digital synthesizer, meaning that they were not stuck to using the simple basic shape waveforms. If you want to learn how I made it, here’s the

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Make better pads in Serum

I made 10 pads because I was struggling to find pads that I like. In this video I teach you how to make pads in Serum, based on my favorite preset that I made myself. You can find those presets right here!

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