A better way to fade-in drums (and other instruments)

In this tutorial I show you a better way to fade-in drums, but this also works for other sounds like basses. I use this all the time to create really natural and smooth sounding fade-ins and fade-outs by using a normal filter. I show this in Ableton Live 11, but this works in any DAW.

One simple trick

When you’re using a filter, instead of only automating the frequency do this:

  1. Automate the frequency (see image 1: Frequency automation)
  2. Automate the resonance (see image 2: Resonance automation)

This will create a clean filter sweeping effect because you are actually sweeping the frequencies by increasing the resonance, rather than just gradually introducing new frequencies.

Give & Take by Netsky Synth Remake

This is a remake of the world famous lead used in Give & Take by Netsky. It’s a remake of the lead using xFer Serum. If you wish to recreate it yourself you can watch the tutorial below. Otherwise you can just download the sound right here!

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Kids by MGMT synth remake

This is a remake of the main synth sounds in Kids by MGMT. Originally (in live performances) MGMT used a Prophet 12 for their sound. This is a part digital synthesizer, meaning that they were not stuck to using the simple basic shape waveforms. If you want to learn how I made it, here’s the

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Why more tracks isn’t better

When I started out producing, I used to think that in order to produce better songs I needed more tracks. But that’s not entirely true. In this video I explain why more tracks isn’t better. Less is more? In the context of making music, the concept of less is more can be applied in a

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