How to make Tech House

In this tutorial you’ll learn what tech house is, and how to make it. I did a lot of research about this genre as well as a lot of active listening. And I’m here to tell you everything you need to know about how to make tech house. From what elements you need, to song structure, and how to make the sounds. You can download them right here!

What is Tech House?

Tech house is a genre of electronic dance music that combines elements of techno and house music. It originated in the 1990s in the UK and has since become popular in clubs and festivals around the world. Tech house is characterized by its use of complex, layered rhythms and grooves, as well as its focus on creating a deep and atmospheric sound.

One of the most important elements of tech house music is the bass. The bassline is often the driving force behind a track, providing the foundation for the other elements to build upon. The bass is often deep, powerful, and subby, with a strong emphasis on the lower frequencies. This creates a sense of depth and energy in the track, and helps to drive the groove and keep people moving on the dancefloor.

In addition to providing a strong rhythmic foundation, the bass is also used to create tension and release. Tech house tracks often have a build-up and breakdown structure, where the bassline gradually increases in intensity and complexity before suddenly dropping out, creating a sense of anticipation and excitement. This can be accomplished through the use of filtering, layering, and other techniques to shape the bassline and create a sense of movement and progression in the track.

Overall, the bass is a crucial element of tech house music, providing the foundation for the track and helping to drive the groove and create a sense of energy and excitement on the dancefloor. Whether it is deep and powerful, or more subtle and nuanced, the bass is an integral part of tech house music and is essential to creating a great track

Give & Take by Netsky Synth Remake

This is a remake of the world famous lead used in Give & Take by Netsky. It’s a remake of the lead using xFer Serum. If you wish to recreate it yourself you can watch the tutorial below. Otherwise you can just download the sound right here!

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Kids by MGMT synth remake

This is a remake of the main synth sounds in Kids by MGMT. Originally (in live performances) MGMT used a Prophet 12 for their sound. This is a part digital synthesizer, meaning that they were not stuck to using the simple basic shape waveforms. If you want to learn how I made it, here’s the

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Why more tracks isn’t better

When I started out producing, I used to think that in order to produce better songs I needed more tracks. But that’s not entirely true. In this video I explain why more tracks isn’t better. Less is more? In the context of making music, the concept of less is more can be applied in a

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