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In this preset pack you’ll find tech house bass preset for serum, that are inspired by some of the most well known tech house songs. Bass sounds like Fisher, Acraze, James Hype, etc. All sounds are carefully designed and ready to use in your production.


This pack contains 7 Tech House Bass presets for Serum. All carefully crafted by me, for you to use in your songs! All presets sound professional and are ready to use in your music straight away. Every bass preset in this pack has a special knob to change the sound even more👀!

A demo of some presets in this pack.


Do you know how to write Tech House baselines? If not, this video is for you!

What is important for a Tech House bass?

Tech house is a genre of electronic dance music that combines elements of techno and house. It originated in the UK in the 1990s and has since become popular in clubs and festivals worldwide. One of the defining features of tech house is its intricate, layered rhythms and grooves, as well as its focus on creating a deep and atmospheric sound.

Additionally, the bass is a vital element of tech house music. The bassline often serves as the driving force behind a track, providing the foundation for other elements. In tech house, the bass is often deep, powerful, and subby, with a strong emphasis on lower frequencies. This adds depth and energy to the track and keeps people moving on the dance floor.

To quickly write a Tech House bassline, you can follow these four simple rules:

  1. Make it loopable.
  2. Use four notes or fewer.
  3. The root note indicates the downbeat.
  4. Make it bouncy on the offbeat.

Furthermore, the bass in tech house can also create tension and release. Tech house tracks often have a build-up and breakdown structure, where the bassline gradually increases in intensity and complexity before suddenly dropping out. This creates anticipation and excitement. To achieve this effect, you can utilize techniques such as filtering, layering, and shaping the bassline to create movement and progression in the track.


All of the tech house bass presets are carefully crafted by me, and are 100% Royalty Free. For more information, you can check out my licensing page.