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LOFI is a free Audio Effect Rack for Ableton Live 11. It works particularly well on guitar, but feel free to use it however you like.

You can download this for free, but if you want to support me you can name your own price. Even €1 makes the difference! – Much love, Matt 🙂


You can mix and blend a total of 6 different effects. Those effects are:
Crackles, Broken, Echoes, Filter, Wobble, Glitch

What you get in this download:

1 LOFI Ableton Preset
1 Getting Started PDF Guide

By combining custom presets of stock Ableton Audio Effects I was able to make this LOFI Effect Rack for Ableton. All the knobs are configured so that you can use them all individually, but they also blend nicely to ensure you always get the best possible sound.

If you haven’t seen the video, below you can find an explanation of what each knob does.

Add vinyl crackles and bit reduction
Uses Redux, Erosion & Vinyl Distortion

Add distortion and saturation
Uses Dynamic Tube & Overdrive

Adds modulating Reverb and Echoes
Uses Ableton’s Echo Device

Add a custom “Lo-Fi” filter
Combines a HPF & Morph Filter

Adds a wobbling / warping effect
Uses Auto Pan & Chorus-Ensemble

Adds occasional glitches and repeats
Uses Ableton’s Beat Repeat

Control the overall amount of the FX

Additional Information
Setting any knob to a value of 0 will disable its effects.
The filter works in parallel:
When the value is set to 127, you will only hear the
filtered sound.
When the value is set from 0 – 126, you will hear a
combination of the dry audio signal and a filtered wet