Present Are The Absent by Lieke Heil

Present Are The Absent is a documentary about the war between Russia and Ukraine. Three Ukrainian women flee their country and end up in a luxury hotel in Poland to find shelter. If you’re interested in more details about the documentary or the story you can take a look at the trailer or attend a […]

Crashing Clouds

After almost 2 years of not releasing music, I released a brand new single called “CRASHING CLOUDS”. And I didn’t hold back for this one! I created my very first official music video and you can watch it right here! The song First you should know that the song was inspired by a thunderstorm with […]

Dance D-Vision 2022

Probably my biggest project to date. Let me tell you all about it!I was asked to create a backing track for the CBS Orchestra. They were playing on the mainstage of DDV2022 in collaboration with USED. Sooo, what is a backing track? Since the orchestra was playing EDM (Electronic Dance Music) they were not able […]