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Pads for Serum

In this pack you’ll find a bunch of pads that I personally made for Serum. As a keys player myself, I found there to be not enough playability in already existing presets. So that’s one of the main features of these presets: playability!


This pack contains 10 unique Pads for Serum. They are great to add movement or fill up some empty space in your tracks. For me it’s improtant that my presets sound good out of the box, and are easy to play with. Therefor velocity, as well as macros and the mod wheel are premapped. And even if you’re drawing in notes there will still be a lot of movement because of LFOs and Envelopes used. Watch a short demo for all presets below.


10 .fxp Serum Presets
Velocity, Macro’s & Mod Wheel mapped