Kleurloos is a new short film by JR VISUALS. The film is about a girl that wants to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer. However, her mother doesn’t allow her to go study photography. Even though that is her dream.

KLEURLOOS is an objection against the measures taken in Belgium (Flanders), to drastically reduce kids’ possibilities to take creative classes in school.

Matt Flanc

After making music for another shirt film by JR VISUALS last summer, he asked me if I wanted to work with him again. I said yes, and there the jourey started. I started making a couple different demo’s to get an idea of his vision for the music. Once we found something that we both liked, I started expanding that music to fit the different scenes.

I’m quite happy with how this turned out. Especially since it was my first time making music for a drama.

As I’m writing this, the trailer has just released. The full film will be released May 22nd.

Kleurloos Trailer
Kleurloos – Short film

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