July – 48H Film Contest

The 48H Film Project is a contest in which, as the name implies, you create a short film in 48 hours. Any preparation is ruled out since you only know the guidelines for your film the second the contest starts. The production of all the music was done by Loded and me.

The script was sent to us at two o’clock on a Saturday morning. Following some reading, a lot of thinking, and taking notes, the songwriting process finally started. We had to come up with a main theme, background music for the intro and outro, a campfire scene and some other shots. This was quite a challenge since all we had as a guideline was the script.

We composed the main theme in a way that it sounds innocent and relaxing with a bit of subtle romance when you hear it for the first time. But when a very similar theme is played later in the film, it all of a sudden sounds suspensful, mysterious and very emotional.

Matt Flanc

From there on, the first steps had been taken. Most of the music was built around the melody idea we had come up with for the main theme.

Only the music for the campfire scene was completely different. This basically is a song on it’s own. After writing the basic idea, two amazing musicians saved us a lot of time by recording a piano and guitar part.

Finally after working all night, day and another night without any sleep, we started mixing and mastering Sunday morning at 3 a.m. After 48 Hours of incredibly hard work from the entire team we finished this short film, “July”.

Finally, I want to thank LisdonkFilmworks for giving me the oportunity to take part in this. And I want to congratulate everyone that took part in finishing this production.

JULY – Trailer
JULY – Short film

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